Saturday, 18 October 2014


I came to LA from oceaNSide and stayed there for few days

Fos's artwork

BB's artwork is everywhere in LA coz he is a legend

street spot

Fos(Heroin skateboarding) とAnaiah (THE BOTS)に合うためにBakerboysのware houseに行きました、久しぶりのFOS, 元気そうでした
更にそのware house内にあるskateparkにひとつ画を描かせてもらいました
I came to Bakerboys ware house for hanging out with these guys!
Fos(Heroin skateboarding) and Anaiah (THE BOTS)

and I drew this big samurai skull on the wall of  Bakerboys ware house
Thanks FOS

The last night of LA I went to EXCEL's gig 
it was great show, they were still join strong
Epitaph's office


Thanks for taking care of me TKO, if you wanna get tattoo in LA, you should ask him

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