Tuesday, 4 February 2014


I recently started working with D.I.Y tiedye company called "D.Y.E"
Me and The company's designer Yuki have been friends more than 10years, we went to same art school in Osaka, after graduated she moved to San francisco to get skill of Tyedie.
Now she started a D.I.Y tiedye company.
Check the website, crazy artworks and the best tiedye are there.
10年来の友達、Yukiちゃんが "D.Y.E"という完全D.I.Yのtiedyeのブランドを始めた
Yukiちゃんは大阪でart schoolを卒業、その後San franciscoのart schoolに留学し、Tyedieやscreen printingのスキルを学びました
websiteをぜひチェック "http://dontyeteverything.blogspot.jp"

I guess its almost 7years ago… Ichigo, Bananan, Me and Yuki at outside of Rancid's gig

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