Tuesday, 15 March 2011



Im checking news on internet bout Japan's earthquake everyday, Ive never seen the country in such a mess, really cant believe it. n Im also feelin annoyed with myself coz I cant do nothing bout the situation, coz its out of my hands. The only thing i could do was to contributed some money to help the people in japan n worry bout my family n friends.I hav friends allover japan n the earthquake has effected everywhere. Finally its arrived to my hometown SIZUOKA yesterday.
Hope the situation is not gonna get worst and they get over it asap.
People hav started talkin to me recently wen Im travellin on the bus, walkin on the road n workin.
"R u Japanese? Bless u man, R ur family n friends ok? Im really sorry bout it, take eazy""Im from New Zealand so I can understand ur feelin. Natural disaster fuckin freaked me out."
I hav strong feelin inside me that reminds me that the world worry n frightened by wat has happened recently in Japan.
Its hard to deal with natural disasters..
Pray 4 Japan.

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